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Deserve To Die


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We are sold out of this LP but Revolver USA still has a few copies...


released August 25, 2017


all rights reserved



WOOLWORM Vancouver, British Columbia


NOV 15 in VANCOUVER at RED GATE with JUICE, OUTPATIENT, and KAMIKAZE NURSE (this will be the record release for AWE)

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Track Name: Unwise
I fell in love once
I fell right through
Couldn’t tell you why I do these things,
Suffer, suffer, suffer, suffer, suffer
So I don’t really care what tomorrow brings
You are unwise
I always knew
You can’t even tell me what you think,
Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing
So I don’t really care what tomorrow brings
I don’t really care what tomorrow brings
Nothing, ever, ever, ever, ever
Track Name: Seer
I can’t help but envision myself in the ground
I just skip to the end, that’s why I let you down
Cause I am a freak, mistake me all you like but it’s true
People talk and they talk it doesn’t matter to who...m
Time is a terrible thing and it takes us all
People laugh and they laugh and with certainty fall
It’ll happen to you it’ll happen to those that you love
Sorry I’ve got these things that i need to get rid of
Trying hard not to think that way
That’s why I stay awake and awake and awake
Way, way up
I’m close to deceased and for me for now that’s good enough
You will die you will die
Still I see you cling to life
Track Name: Judgement Day
Judgement day, please go away
Too early to feel so strange
I’m not real I’m not straight
You will lose every war you ever fight
Not trying to make you sad, just hope your eyes can close at night
Everybody’s watching me and I thought I knew what I wanted last week
But these last few days have been amazing
Judgement day, see, now i want you to stay
I want you I always will
But i need to concentrate
Go through life singing some immoral song
People try to sing along even though the words are so wrong
Track Name: Come With Me In
Come, come and join the cult
Take everything you own
Burn it and I’ll show you
What i’ve known forever
Heads hanging off a dock
The bottom goes a long way down
But it’s a view
that I’m getting used to
Oh my god
Come with me
Oh my god
Come with me
Oh my god
Come with me in
Track Name: Sun Rock
Crawled through the light
Into the light
All I wanna know, where am I
Sift through the sun in my eyes
I know you’re more than I’ll ever be but I
Don’t know how you didn’t see
The colour, the colour
Coming over me
I tried to look beyond, past the wall
And I don’t remember what I saw
But I knew I’d been gone for too long
Track Name: Deserve To Die
Never know what to make
So I take and I take and I take
And it dawns on me with the years I tack on to my long life
Living’s such an unhealthy mistake
So long to feeling good
So much for all of my good deeds
I’ve got nothing left now
Therefore I am free
Just one more weak old man
Not as strong as I used to be
God I deserve to die
And I have earned it believe me
i can’t tell what’s real
So I steal and I steal and I steal
You’re the only one who can tell me what to do
Waste your time when you tell me to feel
Goodbye defending team
Good luck trying not to be beat
I thought I told you before
Your credits ran already
Just ten weak old men
Not as good as you used to be
Man you deserve to die
And you have earned it, believe me
So long to being good
I’m not who I tried to be
I caught a glimpse of heaven
Turns out I wasn’t ready
If I can’t change the rhythm
If I can’t see the light
Then I want to die
I’m trying to tell you something
I’ve sucked the meaning out of life
So long to the image in my eyes
So long to the sky beneath me
If i can’t do this one thing
If i can’t get it right
Then i want to die
And I deserve to, so let me
Track Name: Body
I’ve got a purpose
I find comfort in my fatigue
My heavy eyes just help me sleep
That’s on purpose
I chose the path that led me here
And the path that lets me leave
My body may break under the weight but it happens my way
What’s mine is mine
Jesus fucking christ
Poison my young mind
Try to close my eyes
To rely on you for a change that’ll never come, for a hope that i don’t have, is to waste my fucking life
My body may break under the weight but it happens my way
What’s mine is mine
Track Name: Morbid Obsession
Strap me to the wall
Rope me up to see me sprawl
Open up and join me
In a slightly colder reality
Give me a sign to ignore, that’s not what I came here for
Allow me to fuck off
Forget the big thing
Your life
Forgive everyone
Just try
Buy a drink for a witch
Put the bad man on his knees
Hang a noose off of a bridge
Beg the bad man please
Track Name: Catbird
There’s this thing
About the world and those alone in it,
For all of their faults, i highly doubt they were deliberate
Oh I used to want answers but now I just try not to listen
You might drag on the stumps of your limbs now to feel forgiven
No need
I’ll stop
Whined and complained
and reluctantly went to the party, i felt strange
Like a dream, and weakened by what was upon me
Everything would turn gold as i got too used to the feeling
And the sky would emerge as i saw that god is a ceiling
snapped awake somewhere new cause that for once i thought i would try one
And i scanned the room for a face that i knew and i realized i’d never find one
Got stoned
Walked home

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